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SHARK x Worker Playground Brand Opening

SHARK x Worker Playground  hold a grand opening at 29th September 2018 in Ja Avenue. It was a successful opening ceremony with lots of guests coming. SHARK is very honored to cooperate with Worker Playground and they will push a series watches and clothes named Night Racer. Hoping all of our friends love this series and go to our store for shopping. We will sell online later. More information will release on our website and please waiting……微信图片_20181004105528微信图片_20181004105536


Worker Playground Story

Worker Playground, an original brand name of Macau, is inspired by the long-gone “Workers’ Sports Ground” of the city. It is conceived to revive a legacy of collective memories, so strongly held by a many people. The design sets about making men’s clothing through inputs from American and British streetwear, with a thoughtful attention to blend local elements into the entirety. Target marketing, instead of mass marketing, has always been the preferred option. Our target consumers are those who have been hit by the British, American and Japanese pop cultures of the 1980s to 1990s. They are in their maturity now, financially well-off and still packed with dreams and passion.