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NotificationIn these few days, we heard some customers from Brazil, who have the same problem with address issue. They said they have bought Shark Sport Watch form a website “”, and later, they had received an email to explain that there is an addressing mistake or redesign website etc. We, Shark Group, declare that THE SHARKSPORTWATCH-BRAZIL.COM IS NOT BELONGING TO US. That is a scam …

New type of Stainless steel band

New type of Stainless steel bandWe had changed another type of stainless steel band for some Shark Sport Watch, here is the list of them: ·Eightgill Shark White               (SH109) ·Eightgill Shark Blue                  (SH110) ·Eightgill Shark Black                (SH111) ·Eightgill Shark Green               (SH112) ·Eightgill Shark …

Christmas Sales!

Christmas Sales!The biggest sales in a year! Most of items up to 50% off now! Click to view more:

Authorized Distributor Statement

Authorized Distributor StatementTo customers, Shark Sport Watch is releasing this announcement to declare authorized distributor issue. We declare that AMPM24 is the only authorized distributor designated by Shark Sport Watch on Amazon. The others on Amazon claim to be official distributors are fake and Shark Sport Watch can’t guarantee the quality or carry out the warranty. Please be alert not to buy the fakes. Shark Sport Watch …