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1. Shopping From Site
2. Repairs
3. General information
4. Care & Maintenance

Welcome to Support Services. In order to serve you better, SHARK have assembled the most frequently asked questions from customers and our answers. If you have further questions, please contact us through

1. Shopping From Site
(1) What payment methods does SHARK accept? accepts Paypal, credit and debit card including VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

(2) When will my PayPal be charged?
Once you confirm you order, your order will be processed and you will be charged.

(3) What tax will I be charged? is required by law to declare an accurate value on all shipments. Tariff is not included in the final price on the Order Review Page.

(4) What is your return policy?
We offer 7-day unconditional return. If you do not like the watch, you can send it back and get your money back under condition that the watch pass examination by our Quality Control team. Also you need to pay the shipping fee. If it happens to be a quality problem, after we confirm the status, we can send a new one if the watch.

We have rules about return, please refer to SHARK warranty.

(5) What are your shipping fees?
We do not charge for standard shipment method. However, if you need to expedite the shipment, we will charge an additional fee as per DHL standards.

(6) Does SHARK ship internationally?
Yes, we can arrange shipment to all countries. However, customers are responsible for the tax and legal problems that may cause.

(7) Does SHARK accept international credit cards?
Yes, SHARK accepts Paypal, credit and debit card including VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

(8) I just placed an order online, how do I track my watch?
You can track the logistics by logging in your account.

(9) What if I need to cancel my online order?
You may cancel your order provided the order has not been shipped yet from our warehouse.

(10) My watch is defective, what do I do?
The status of defective watch must be confirmed by us firstly, we will promptly send you a replacement after that. You will not be charged any additional shipping fees for replacement items. For proper return procedures please see our Return Policy.

(11) How do I contact your Customer Service department?
If you have any questions concerning your order or encounter any mechanical problems with your watch, please contact us through all the time.

(12) Do SHARK watches come with a warranty?
Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty. The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of delivery until twelve months after the date of purchase. Warranties are only honored with a valid warranty certificate from an authorized dealer.

2. Repairs
(1) Where can I have my watch repaired?
Please contact, we will offer the nearest maintenance center. If there is not service center nearby, or you do not have time to go, we can even send you a brand new one after we confirm the exact status. Please refer to SHARK warranty.

3. General information
(1) What is the water resistance of SHARK?
Majorities of SHARK are 3ATM, which means 30 meters water resistant. Withstand accidental splashes but not suitable for swimming or diving. Please note that water resistant rating is based upon optimum conditions in a laboratory, please learn more by clicking here.

(2) Where can I get information about my watch?
You can check the basic information on the specific page. And we offer manuals on site, please check manuals under support.

4. Care & Maintenance
(1) What special care should I give my watch?
(A) Shocks
Avoid strong shocks such as dropping on hard surfaces as a watch is a sensitive precision instrument.

(B) Water resistance
(a) Do not put a watch in water while the crown is pulled out.
(b) Do not turn or pull out the crown when the watch is wet.
(c) To preserve its water resistance as long as possible, wipe off moisture, sweat or dirt with a soft, dry cloth after removing it from the wrist.
(d) Swimming in the sea:
Do not swim or dive with a 3 ATM watch. Do not wear the watch while taking a bath or a sauna. Steam, soap or some components of a hot spring may accelerate the deterioration of water resistance performance

(C) Temperature Extremes
The function of the watch is affected by extreme temperature and by extreme changes in temperature.

(D) Chemicals
Do not use solvents or chemicals (i.e. benzine, thinner, bleach) for cleaning a watch. This may cause a chemical reaction and result in deterioration of the watch or a change in the color of the case, band or strap.

(E) Crown
Turn the crown from time to time in order to prevent corrosion of the crown and maintain the flexibility of the gasket.

(F) Leather straps
Avoid exposure to high humidity, which affect the material and cause discoloration.
Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight, which can impair the color and quality of the leather.
Avoid cosmetics and oil product, which will stain the leather.

(G) Cleaning
Wipe off moisture, sweat or dirt with a soft cloth after removing it from the wrist to increase the durability of the case back, gaskets and band.

(H) Storing
When not wearing your watch, store it in its original case. Avoid leaving a flat battery in a quartz watch as it could leak and seriously damage the movement without this being visible from the outside.