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SHARK WATCH Spring Watch
Tawny SHARK Inspired by Solar System

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Cosa dicono di noi?

I love that watch, my wife says that's the watch of the century, and I agree..

Sammy FN Da parte di Facebook

My wedding day watch.Awesome!

Henrique Filipe Ribeiro Da parte di Facebook

My collection of Shark Sport Watches, 23 so far

Anthony Gallop Da parte di Facebook

#Watch number 5 in my #SharkSport collection! So happy to have won this #wristwatch from their photo contest! #timepiece #loveit

jweldy3 Da parte di Instagram

New watch! Very cool - #sharkwatch #picoftheday #alphamale #manstyle #instalike #machostyle

abdiasrabello Da parte di Instagram

Awesome watch...All the watches are! They are great gift ideas for birthdays and holidays...

Supernova Elite Da parte di Facebook

I have this watch got it for christmas love it

Lee Mickle Da parte di Facebook

So far I have purchased the Mako and the EightGill...Love them both and for the price yu can't beat it

Marco Zacarias Da parte di Facebook

Great watch! I'm having it for already two years and I can say only good words about it.

Danijel Vrhovec Da parte di Facebook

Choose a beautiful day, just pick up your ‪mountain‬ ‪‎bike‬ to explore wherever you like! With your good friend Shark Sport Watch.

Fiona Tang Da parte di Facebook

Finally able to wear my birthday watch (thanks Kieran ☺️), thank you guys for getting a #sharksportwatch for me, hehe so thoughtful! I absolutely love it!

mpgaroupa Da parte di Instagram
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